I’ve been making a living writing and telling stories for a few decades, launching my career on a glamorous note during college, when I worked as a reporter and columnist (“Sharing Recipes”) for a small-town weekly newspaper.

In the years since I shared recipes and reported small-town news, I’WWcoverve worked for research institutes full of PhD’s; written copy for party games; profiled resilient, graceful cancer patients; marketed analytics software; worked on effective, clear employee communications at a large pharma company; written all web content and blogs for several small companies; and edited the official fan club magazine for New Line Cinema’s The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, among other things.

My experience ranges from writing a few paragraphs of cut-to-the chase marketing copy to creating glossy magazines. I can tackle serious, complex topics or strictly entertaining fare. (You can find out who I’ve worked for and read a bit of what I’ve written when you take a tour of the site. For full details on my work experience, visit my LinkedIn profile or the projects I have added to my  portfolio site on behance.net.)

Flying solo

hp_scanDS_1061514292949Since 2010, I’ve been working for myself at ATKINSONWORDS; you can hire me to write your web copy, create marketing pieces, proofread your materials, ghostwrite your blog and post eye-catching content on your social media pages.

And thanks to all this virtuality and digitality, it doesn’t matter
where you are. Some of my clients are on the West Coast, and I’ve never met them face-to-face. That’s a shame, but doesn’t keep us from doing great work together.


If you need the expertise of a seasoned storyteller and editor, let’s work together soon. I’ll make your company/organization/good cause/product/[fill-in-the-blank] more compelling, easier to understand and harder to resist.

~ Carla Atkinson

Side note: The typewriter in the banner above is the Remington Rand portable that my 86-year-old mother used during college in the late 1940s/early 1950s. I consider it a thing of beauty, but the writing process would be challenging if I had to trade my Mac in for a typewriter.

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