“It’s often a misconception that anyone can write (we battle this often in our field because ‘everyone’ can design). Experience shows that’s not true. Working with Carla, I learned very quickly that compelling business writing and pitching is an art just as design is.

“One might think success in writing for our industry (user experience design) requires living and breathing it for years, but Carla was able to fluidly explain our company’s offering (no small thing) in a conversational, accessible way.

“Whether it’s our marketing content, blogging or company tear sheets, it’s a huge benefit to have a professional helping us make a compelling case for why we’re the go-to design firm.

“Carla has been working with us on a consulting basis for more than a year, and because she’s based on the other side of the country, most of us have never met her face-to-face! But she’s so plugged in to what we do and is in on so many conversations that the distance doesn’t matter.

“The best part… Carla is as invested in our success as if she was a full-time member of the team.”

~ Charlie Claxton, Founder and VP, Creative, Produxs, Seattle

“Our company hired Carla to edit our business plan in 2010. The challenge was having three different principals of the company contributing to the content. Carla asked thoughtful questions to ensure we had relevant copy and brought all of our voices together to effectively communicate our mission, products and services, and future goals.

“The end result was a beautiful business plan that enabled our company to receive a loan!”

~Lynn Ruck, Co-Owner, Rain Water Solutions, Inc., Raleigh, NC

“Carla was a great joy to work with. Her dedication and talent were highly valuable on projects, as well as her good-natured and cooperative personality.”

~ David Yearick, entrepreneur and toy/game inventor (formerly manager and colleague at Decipher, Inc)

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